”Lingam” is a Sanskrit word that is often used in reference to the male sexual organ aka the penis. However, the lingam is so much more than just a physical body part. It is a symbol of divine regenerative (male) energy and in Hinduism, it is often used to represent Lord Shiva. Its literal translation is ”Pillar of light”. The Shiva lingam is held in great reverence in Shaivism and has become a widely used term in modern Tantric contexts as well because it holds the potential of the power and essence of the masculine creative energy. 

Lingam Massage is a beautiful Tantric practice that is often part of a Tantric Massage. It is a way of honoring the male genital area with loving, respectful healing and/or stimulating touch, which incorporates specific techniques to enhance sexual awareness and to release tension from these areas. Lingam massage can help with a great variety of physical, sexual, and emotional issues. It can support men to become better lovers, to experience multiple and energetic orgasms, and to last longer in bed. Receiving regular lingam massages from your lover will clear emotional blocks and physical tension from your body and can help to awaken your kundalini (sexual life force) energy. Not to mention the profound ways it will deepen the intimacy and connection in your relationship. It is a great way to learn about your own energy, to initiate Tantric lovemaking, to let go of performance anxiety or sexual frustration. 

As a receiver of regular lingam massages, you will learn a lot about your body and your sexual energy! By putting aside all goals (ejaculation is NOT the focus of a lingam massage) your body learns to relax more and more and you will open to deeper and stronger pleasure both on physical and energetic levels. You will learn how to expand your edges so you can stay hard much longer and keep your woman happier than ever. Lingam massage is a great support to stay strong, erect and hard for extended periods (yes, hours on end, how about that?), so you will be able to satisfy your lover and make them come several times.

This Tantric massage practice has so many incredible benefits! From physical wellbeing, a deeper connection and love towards your cock, eliminating physical tensions and restoring a healthy circulation which will help you get erect faster, stay hard for longer, to deep emotional and spiritual benefits like becoming more confident in bed, being able to own your desires and become the lover you always wanted to be!

If you are on the giving end of the experience, the wins are just as profound. Giving this to your partner is a total boost to your own libido as well. You will learn all the different techniques to drive him crazy, to awaken his desire, and to elevate him into his full sexual potential. He will look at you like the Goddess you truly are! Giving this gift to your man will deepen your connection on all levels. Physically, you will learn a lot about his body and your own. You will know what he likes, what turns him on even more, and how you can calm him down so he can last longer, which will be to your advantage in th future! You will build trust and deep intimacy between you as you move together into the spiritual realms of sexuality, which is what this really is about. It’s an absolute win-win!

I really hope you enjoy and find big revelations and powerful transformations on your journey with us!