Lingam Massage - Pillar of Light by Deva Presence

Lingam Massage - Pillar of Light

Last Longer in Bed. Natural Penis Enlargement and Health. Conscious Cock for Multi-Orgasmic Spiritual Sex. Level Up Being a Great Lover Now

Penis Power!

Discover the "wand of light" as the portal to incredible erections, sacred connection and multi-orgasmic pleasure! 

Lingam is a Sanskrit word depicting a phallic symbol of worship that traditions of Tantra use to represent the phallus of life.  A Lingam massage is a devotional practice to illuminate the sacred qualities of the male sex organ. 

As a result, the person receiving can experience altered states of consciousness, heal past suffering, and explore full body pleasure. It is limitless what may happen in Tantric bodywork.

A Cock Challenge

Prepare to take your sex life to the next level!

Whether you are exploring this penis massage with your partner or wanting to enhance your personal self love experience, this training will change you.

Last Longer than ever before. Increase your size (natural penis enlargement) and fullness of pleasure. Become erect more often and boost libido. Create powerful lovemaking and less performance anxiety for everyone involved!  

A Deeper Connection

This Pillar of Light Lingam Massage goes beyond what Erotic & FBSM massages (happy endings) offer you. This is specifcally for those who wish to create a Tantric Sex life and become great lovers.

Good lovemaking is not just about a woman having orgasms or pleasing your partner. Imagine a full body orgasm being transmitted through both of you at the same time! Many times over! Create deeper bonds and blissful experiences in the bedroom.

Transmit confidence in your sacred touch. End sexual frustration, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and boring sex. Level-up your lovemaking when you complete this epic training!

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Becoming a Great Lover
What is a Lingam Massage?
Pillar of Light Code of Ethics
To Make the Experience Extra HOT! Read This!
Words from the Transformed
3 mins
Part One: A Deeper Connection
Become So Connected They Cry
How to do a Sensual Massage Video
6 mins
Awakening the Energy Channels
884 KB
Deep Relaxation and Opening Energy Portals
Stage 1 Massage Training - Grounding and Devotion
17 mins
Part Two: Transformation through Touch
A Bigger, More Powerful Cock
2.3 MB
How to video for Penis Enlargement
7 mins
The Well Endowed Method
Kegels - Penis Power for Pleasure
Becoming a Better Lover with Cock Shiatzu
1.68 MB
How to make them Orgasm Intensely!
558 KB
Stage 2 Massage Training - Cock Shiatzu & Penis Enlargement/Health
21 mins
Part Three: Enchanting the Snake for Multi-Orgasmic Pleasure
So Aroused and Erect, it is Painful!
1.04 MB
How to Last Longer in Bed Video!
5 mins
Lingam Massage Tips for Orgasmic Pleasure
The Most Intense Multiple Orgasms I have ever felt: Orgasmic Waves
Stage 3 Massage Training - Multi-Orgasmic Man for Increcible Pleasure
25 mins
Full Body Sensual Massage Experience
Lingam Massage Video Training -The Real Deal
(1h 02m 01s)


"I was introduced to sacred sexuality a few years ago and it had already changed my life through the way I related with myself and others. I believe it is our right of passage to go deeper into understanding our bodies, our sexuality and the potential we have for healing and pleasure. 

So it was perfect synchronicity that I met Deva at a time when I felt ready to dive deeper into this practice, and I was looking for a teacher and mentor to guide me into a more evolved understanding of sexuality, tantra and human connection. 

Deva taught me the sacredness of this practice and opened my eyes to the variety of experiences we can have when we are open, present and relaxed. I learnt so much about myself, and was able to go deeper than I have ever been before. It was so beautiful to let go, and be open to whatever came up in our sessions together, and I felt so safe and held with Deva.

This work makes me feel alive, and so intune with my body. It is crazy how we can go through life not really experiencing our full potential for love, pleasure and connection. We have so much to unlearn from what we have been programed to believe about sex and relationships, and this work is the key to discovering that truth. 

For me the journey is continuing as there is so much to explore! And I am excited to put to practice all things that I have learnt with Deva. If you have the opportunity to work with him say yes!"
~ Luna

Who is this for?

All people interested in connecting to a lingam (cock) intimately and deeply can get loads from this training. The Sex Positive Movement provides healthy sex alternatives to porn and engages people of all backgrounds and flavors of life. Set your spirit free, end any slut-shaming and make way for a new you! Your partner(s) will thank you too. 

Meet Deva Presence

After nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a multi-orgasmic lover. The solutions are wild and unknown to most, yet tangible and effective.

Defeating anxiety in sex finally began the more I accepted my nature and listened to the wisdom of my body. I'm here to help you awaken to your own body's Sexual Healing abilities.

Learning from Grand Master Mantak Chia, becoming the principle in the Master Lover Online training by Master Tantra teacher Ma Ananda Sarita and diving deep into Tao and many other conscious sexuality trainings over the years has helped me map out pleasure principles for you to apply and make changes in your life now!

Hundreds of lives changed. Why not you?

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