“What if she finds out what I did? What if he does not accept my desire? I feel like I am simply too much!” 

 We have all been here and choose not to share for one reason or another. We choose not to be in our fullness because of fear of what others will think. 
 When is it time to reveal your self? 
 When you feel it in your belly. When you experience (what we have labeled as) discomfort coming from your midsection that we all know too well. 

 Some of us call it fear. Fear of getting into trouble; fear of getting hurt or hurting another; fear of loss or abandonment; fear of aggression, guilt or shame. 

 This is the very thing we should be sharing. Not hiding because we are afraid.

 But how? How to share it? Can we share in such a way that it will avoid any form of conflict what so ever? Can we tell our truth about what is coming up for us and never hurt another’s feelings in the process? 

 NO. Many avoid sharing and in turn never release this tension in the body. Simply by being willing to feel what may come up inside of us (or others) we can liberate our ability to reveal, feel, and heal. 

 In this, we build a nervous system that can relax into many circumstances that most avoid in life. In this, we finally begin to start living. 

 I want to LIVE! So I share…

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