Heart Warrior Training by Deva Presence

Heart Warrior Training

Become an exceptional lover and guide others to do the same. Wanna be a Love/Sex Coach? This is a HUGE upgrade to mental and emotional intelligence! Blast open your heart and those you connect with! Watch the video below for more...

Let's go a bit deeper here...

What is the Heart Warrior Training?

It's a neo tantric inspired, live your life to the fullest, unlearning and regaining YOU. It's a blow you a way and every mask you wear by letting your most un-awakened, un-aroused aspects of life be rebirthed!

  • You will directly meet whatever is in your way of passionate living and most fulfilling relationships
  • Somatic and high level emotional intelligence tools to equip you with a lifetime of positive change
  • Deep dives in our live coaching calls to keep you on track to a successful transformation
Have you been successful in some parts of your life but  keep slipping up with inconsistent results?
Do you often feel you work hard for what you love and wonder if there is a more refined and efficient way?
Can you Imagine having a passionate love life, career success and confidence to help others do the same?

I stumbled upon an ancient process that humans have been doing for thousands of years.  It’s critical for those wanting true breakthroughs. I also found by studying human behavior (philosophy degree) that there are some critical patterns that need to change.

You know the value of this transformational work because you have done it in other ways. This is a totally new and lasting way to quickly make those shifts in your life now!

15 Years, Thousands changed.

Since 2004, Deva (Marc Adam) has been facilitating group trainings, workshops and retreats on inner and outer relationships. He has a degree in Philosophy and committed over a decade in training others in health and fitness. Studying extensively worldwide in Permaculture, Tantra and Yoga provides a very unique & holistic approach to this work. He has written several books on the subject and is very passionate in serving others for uplifting humanity. 

How is this training Different?

It is different because in the end, you will be different. Come with a commitment to change and you will change. In this safe, loving and experiential space this is the kind of change that can happen:

  • Heart Focused - Willingness to open your heart and understand the power in being vulnerable.
  • Emotional Fluidity - Vulnerability to drop the ‘fear to feel’ and instead embrace them by honoring the wisdom of the body.
  • Challenge your Patterns - Wisdom to drop the blame, come out of hiding and effectively shift your attractor patterns.
  • Boldly be in your Power – Magnetism that makes you attractive to your most sought out relationships and life pursuits. 

You will experience a roller-coaster of realizations! We will shine the light on our biggest enemies: Shame & Blame. We will reveal something totally new and unusual to blaze your path and finally clear the BS to bring back your power!

Come give your all to this Deep Dive Training and nothing can hold you back. Shine like never before. Tap into a part of your radiance to magnetize just what you have been waiting for. Come to respect and honor yourself & you will see new relationships developing and old ones changing.

Find a regained sense of confidence urging you to share your gifts by serving others as a Sex and Relationships Coach.
And we are here to lovingly support you along the way. 


"I have to say, from the perspective of both a psychologist and tantra teacher, that this program is brilliantly and intelligently put together! Deva has tremendous experience and knowledge to share with us about love, communication, compassion and the blocks and fears that keep us from experiencing, living and operating from our authentic source. He also has the solutions! But we must be willing to work! I encourage anyone that is in the midst of a transitional phase, anyone who is  feeling stuck in life, or anyone who just has the desire to see things from a different perspective, to shift and to grow" (personally, professionally and/or romantically) 🙏✨💫
Laura Segro - Psychologist

Modern Tantra outside the bedroom.

This training dramatically changes the way you speak, feel and the way you help yourself and others.

Although people arrive with different goals, the outcomes are deep connection and BIG breakthroughs.

Are you looking for a growth spurt in your sęxuality? Did you know you can love yourself soooooo much more?
Maybe you want to put yourself through the test to fully walk the talk and heroically guide your life and others.

Get ready for a breakthrough! - Bring us what is immanent for growth and we will connect you back to your passions and heart!


Full Extensive Heart Warrior Online Training ($300 value) Three Coaching Calls with Deva Presence ($900 value) Unlimited Access to our Live Facbook Group Calls Potential to receive a Intimacy Coaching Certificate ($1000 Value)

Getting Started
Getting Started
Intro Lover.pdf
95.7 KB
Navigate Lover.pdf
288 KB
Great Lover.mp4
6 mins
My Personal Story on why I do this work...
13 mins
The Willing Lover
Will Power.pdf
300 KB
Willing Lover Section 2: Pain or Pleasure?
pleasure pain.pdf
292 KB
Willing Lover Section 3: Relationships- A Rite of Passage
302 KB
willing lover check in.m4a
5 mins
The Vulnerable Lover
Vulnerable Love.pdf
298 KB
Vulnerable Lover Section 2: How to love and liberate emotions
love emotions.pdf
299 KB
Vulnerable Lover Section 3: Letting go of Unnatural Emotions
letting Go.pdf
342 KB
Vulnerable lover check in.m4a
5 mins
The Magnetic Lover
Magnetic Lover.pdf
338 KB
Magnetic Lover Section 2: The Ease of Love Making
336 KB
Magnetic Lover Section 3: Loving is not Compromising
Loving Compassion.pdf
332 KB
Magnetic Lover Check in.m4a
5 mins
The Wisdom Lover
Wisdom Lover.pdf
332 KB
Wisdom Lover Section 2: Honoring Another
Practicing Discernment.pdf
330 KB
Wisdom Lover Section 3: Love the Mind. Listen to your Body
Love Mind Body.pdf
294 KB
Wisdom Lover Check in.m4a
6 mins
Completing Your Passage 

rite of passage.pdf
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Authentic Vulnerable Communication Training
AVC Introductions.pdf
59.5 KB
Intro to Authentic Vulnerable Communication (AVC)
11 mins
New AVC Poster.png
1.82 MB
Powerless Communication
Let me share with you about AVC
13 mins
Reveal, Feel, Heal, Process and Posters
Reveal Yourself.png
6.13 MB
Reveal Yourself Explained
58.8 KB
8.53 MB
Rainbow of feelings explained.pdf
72.2 KB
Natural Healing
4.72 MB
Natural Healing, Health, and Vitality
8 mins
Compassionate Communication
10.7 MB
Decoding Compassion explained.pdf
37.7 KB
Compassionate Communication
11 mins
Have Faith in Fear
Have Faith in Fear.png
1.57 MB
Faith in Fear explained.pdf
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Our Greatest Fear, Our Greatest Peace
Finishing AVC
Finishing AVC.pdf
43.1 KB
2 mins

Now is the time to SHINE

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Heart Warrior Action Scene!

As seen in the Netflix TV series "Too Hot to Handle" Here are some men challenging themselves to become a Heart Warrior!