Welcome to Your Guide on Limitless Female Body Pleasure. 


To be limitless includes having unlimited access to your most exalted orgasmic expression. This is dedicated to those with female bodies and their desire to easily and profoundly access their orgasmic potential. I will also include methods for female orgasmic water release. This is known as Amrita in the east or divine nectar.

I have always been curious as to why it is so easy for most male bodies to reach a peak orgasmic states and release fluids, yet for most female bodies this is not as common. I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredibly sensitive women. Some, with the slightest touch, would have an intense peak orgasm with fluids oozing out in less than a minute. And some would yell with excitement even without any touch at all! So, I know what is definitely possible. However, this is only unusual circumstances… Why?

I have a theory that you may find most fascinating about anatomy:

Female anatomy used to be different. Similar to male anatomy, orgasms would create a physical response for procreation. Upon peaking, the ovaries would drop down so that pregnancy is possible. They have studied other mammals where this is the case. The clitoris was on the inside of the vagina which means direct stimulation and arousal upon penetration. For the male body, this is obvious. We get direct stimulation to our most sensitive areas when entering the vagina.  So, if my theory is correct, at one point in time the clitoris played an important role in reproduction.

However, we all know that the female ovulation responds to moon cycles and gives a limited period of time for conception. Even then, the vagina can suck in and accept the sperm it receives, containing it for up to seven days until conception is possible.  Or, it can push the sperm out and expel it by choice. Female bodies can also reject the impregnated ovum through hormonal changes and produce a PH environment where sperm would not survive. It all boils down to the power of choice. Of course, the majority of women do not have conscious control over these things, but it is possible. Some Taoist women have even successfully stopped and restarted their menstrual cycle by choice. If you have a vagina, you have an amazing ability to choose who you procreate with or not when having sex.

The evolution of the clitoris moving outside of the vagina is a big part of my theory about women having the ultimate choice over their body's reproductive means, as well as the freedom to enjoy the gift of sensuality. I know many women (due to the location of the clit) that can walk in a mall and be orgasming just from sliding their legs together when walking. Male bodies don’t have this luxury!

The clitoris and clitoral hood are the exact same tissues as the gland penis and foreskin. It’s a highly sensitive area that produces a strong pleasure response. The pleasure response can produce a higher possibility for reproduction. However, for both male and female bodies, it does not have to result in making babies. We can use this as means of deeper bonding, connection, enjoyment, cleansing and energy healing.

There is still some evidence that there is a slightly higher chance of pregnancy and even ovulation with the stimulation and release of orgasm from the clitoris. So to say the clitoris has no function other than a pleasure response is a bit misleading. Also, to say that the clitoris is this little button on top of the vaginal entrance is incorrect; or that the only way women can reach orgasm is through stimulating the bean of joy. Not true.

If you’re new to this information, I welcome you to the world of Pussy Power!

The ancients called the vagina “Yoni” which means sacred space or temple. There are some great content that goes into detail about the yoni and its magical powers. I recommend researching more so that you can have cosmic orgasmic experiences beyond just the physical pleasure of the sex center. It is best, in my untrue opinion, to start with the full embodiment of the many forms of physical pleasures first, so you are grounded in your body’s energy resources.

I will layout specific and direct tasks to awakening the physical orgasmic response to a greater capacity. This can be delighted in by you and if you have a partner. Some of the suggestions may not apply to you. Some of them may feel a bit confronting or uncomfortable. Make sure that you follow through with the proceeding suggestions only in spaces and with people you feel are safe, non-judgmental and loving.

Also, keep in mind that you are exploring your pleasure primarily. This is not about peaking and being ‘finished’ like the male body. For too long we have focused on ending the sensation called "climaxing". I strongly suggest you focus on strengthening your pleasure. If a peak of excitement occurs, wonderful. However, that would be more of an accident than a focus. Really, some female bodies don’t experience peaking sensations in the way male bodies do. Deprogram this idea about your pleasure as I welcome you to redefine and honor your own body’s expression of enjoyable sensations.

Bonus! In each chapter, you will be getting a personal experience from Anastasia Andreas. Anastasia is a tantrica who I have been extremely amazed by the way she moves orgasmic energy through her body. I find her stories can instantly liberate people into finding their deepest orgasmic potential. I hope it does the same for you as well.  You will see her writings in quotations throughout. Enjoy

“Hi everyone, I am Anastasia.  You will find my additions in quotations… I hope you enjoy my personal stories and that they can help you understand the qualities of your own experience in a new light.”

To your grand journey,

Deva and Anastasia