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Orgasmic Touch Course

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A lifetime of Confidence and Deeper Love. 

Why are we expected to know everything about sex?

We put pressure on our self or feel it from our partner. We did not learn positive sexual education in school. Mostly, we learn from what we see in porn and may get addicted to the wrong idea about our sexuality. And we wonder why intimacy is plagued with insecurities and disappointment. Well, worry no longer. You have right here an easy to follow and exceptionally juicy guide to bring back the excitement in your love life! Preview some of the course FREE Below. 

Real Talk!

Christen Shares about her Big Shifts.  

What's included?

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Limitless Lover GuideBook
6.52 MB
Yoni Massage Testimonial 💦
3 mins
Orgasms at a Glance
2 mins
Lingam Massage ~ Voices of the Transformed 👐
3 mins
Let's get it on!
4 mins
Orgasms Start with a YES!
6 mins
The Language of Seduction
11 mins
A Ritual of Touch
The Art of Touch
14 mins
What are the different forms of touch?
The Erogenous Zones
8 mins
Get Wild Ritual
Orgasmic Touch
Preparing for a good time!
49 KB
Mastering Arousal
30 mins
Breast & Body Orgasms
26 mins
Sex Center Ritual
Sex Center Orgasms
18 mins
Full Blossoming & Integration
33 mins
Full Orgasmic Touch
(1h 37m 51s)
In the After Glow (guide)
1.25 MB
Raw Bonus ~ Channeling
4 mins
Pillar of Light Lingam Massage
1 min
Oscillation Meditation
7 mins
Breast Love
Breast Love Preview
1 min
Breast Massage Testimonial
3 mins
3 Tips for Natural Breast Health ~ Prevent Cancer Using Breast Massage, Lymphatic Drainage + Detox
6 mins
Breast Health Course: Massage + Lymphatic drainage
12 mins
3 Tips for Breast Enhancement
6 mins
Breast Health Course: Breast Enhancement
10 mins
Routine for Breast Enhancement


"My experience was wonderful, harmonious, sensual and beautiful. I am filled with gratitude and blessings from my experience. Thank you from my heart!"
"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The transformation that I have gone through has been absolutely amazing and so heartfelt.  No doubt I have reached a new level within myself."
"Deva is one of the living masculine power masters I have met. He shares from his wisdom and experience.  Thank you, Deva."


What is the Orgasmic Touch Online Course about?

Glad you asked :) It's a Course about Connection Primarily! You are learning how to love...
Specifically, it's a hands on practical erotic / tantra massage that you follow along. Play the videos and follow my lead as you give the massage to your lover. I did my best to speak in details of what I am doing and why, so you understand the process of Orgasmic Touch. There are also meditations, rituals and philosophy that go into the mental and emotional states needed in order to build deep loving connections. The course is designed so that anyone can overnight get going into the practices of learning how to enhance their ability to give and receive form the heart, body and spirit.

When I first started on this journey that’s exactly what I did. I put the video on and did exactly what the teacher did in the video while expanding her pleasure. And my lover did not mind at all! Each time we did it, she was very intrigued by this and enjoyed it immensely.

I then went on to spend tens of thousands of dollars in travel and retreats to bring this superb information to you as a very economical and easily accessible option!

Dive in and enjoy.

I'm new to this / I know a lot already - Is this for me?

Wonderful Question!
This is a Dynamic Course. We provide live video streaming each month and give more and more content to our viewers. So, it will be constantly growing and changing. If you are looking for something more, just ask. We are always looking for ways to help people dive deeper by expanding the content.
If it's still not the right theme for you that's ok. You can cancel at any time and we offer a 45-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. :)

There are three core aspects to being a multi orgasmic lover:
 Communication, Collaboration and Calibration.

You will learn how to integrate all three over a period of just a weekend! Once you get this ultimate download, it’s a matter of practice, practice, practice! Which equates to lots of love making!

Approximately 63% of us are not getting our sexual needs met due to a poor sexual education or mentorship. We don’t know what turns us on, or, if we do know, we don’t know how to ask for it. This course is exactly what will make that change for good!

How long is the course and how long do I have access?

This course is designed so that you can get started and give an amazing massage to your lover right away! You could literally complete the course in a weekend. However, practice this over and over again to really get good. There are much more videos being added to this course on a regular basis so, it depends on how hungry you are to see how fast you gobble up this yummy content.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with hours of content. Less is more! I am giving you precise and easy to absorb material while going live with you regularly to provide a more personal and impactful experience. 

You have access as long as you are a user and signed up. Forever

Is this for men only? Or women too?

Super Question!

This course is designed to give rich experiences to any gender.

Ladies, you will get lots out of this love catapulting course too.
 In fact, there are many similarities between how a man and a woman’s body responds to Orgasmic Touch! Absolutely YES, everything taught here can be applied to a male body as well and successfully give him a multi-orgasmic experience!

There is also the very important aspect of the receiver learning how to give as well! So, it is key for whomever is giving or receiving the massage to dive in with an opposite role and enhance the training. Yes, consider this a training that both are going through to become super orgasmic!

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