Orgasmic Touch Tantra Massage Training | March 23rd - April 5th, 2020 Guatemala (Lake Atitlan)

This Level 2 certificate program consists of decades of training in life-changing Tantric bodywork practices. You will leave with powerful tools to improve your physical and energetic bodies, while giving masterful pleasure.

An Intro from our main facilitator Deva Presence

Is this for me?

Are you interested in becoming an Expert of bringing multi orgasmic loving pleasure through you and your partners body?
Do you work with sexual energy (Daka/Dakini, Sexological, Tantric or Erotic Bodywork) and wish to unlock this powerfully creative Life-Force in others?
Are you also interested in serving others to heal sexual traumas, last longer, increase arousal and gain confidence in lovemaking?

Then this training is for you!


I was amazed how my body reacted differently after a weekend workshop with Deva. I found it to be more relaxed in it’s expression, some patterns of not allowing my body to move freely were dissolved automatically. I became more peaceful and present.
 At lunch break during the workshop, I felt the wind like it would caress my skin, it was a blissful experience of connection with all that is, feeling safe in my body. Going back to the natural state and harmony between the body and mind.

 After a private session with Deva, my body felt like after a bubble bath, my mind chatter switched off. So much tension held in my body was released, so many blocks were dissolved. The bodywork was very deep and transformative. I appreciated the clear communication throughout the session. From then on, I feel more grounded and present in my body.
Didi -healer
From the moment I got in touch with Deva, it's evident that he is destined to be on a path of tantric teaching. His poetic, thoughtful, and professional words fill the room along with his clear energy and grounded vibrational frequency. Clearly a very knowledgable spirit, both in practice and theory, I see that he is able to meet people where they are. His devotion to opening people up to more love is heartwarming and evident. I feel blissed out to have met him, and am excited to explore more of his toolbox, which (only after one class) has been very impactful
Fabiola- Practitioner

You will learn:

  1. How to build and sustain rich multi-orgasmic pleasure in the body
  2. Multiple tried and tested skills that anchor energy and restore vitality
  3. Hypnotic de-conditioning methods for trauma, belittling belief systems, arousal problems and potential challenges that prevents people from experiencing pleasure.
  4. Meeting at a profound level of emotional acceptance to awaken deep mystical experiences. 
  5. How to Love the play between power and spaciousness. 
  6. A spectacularly engaging way to read the signals of the body and identify what can shift. 
  7. Give Bodywork that illuminates life force energy and eliminates performance anxiety 
  8. Secrets to elongating and strengthening exceptionally pleasurable erections 
  9. A deep honoring that blasts open the hearts of everyone you touch.

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Meet Deva Presence

After nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a multi-orgasmic lover. The solutions are wild and unknown to most, yet tangible and effective.

Defeating anxiety in sex finally began the more I accepted my nature and listened to the wisdom of my body. I'm here to help you awaken to your own body's Sexual Healing abilities.

Learning from Grand Master Mantak Chia, becoming the principle in the Master Lover Online training by Master Tantra teacher Ma Ananda Sarita and diving deep into Tao and many other conscious sexuality trainings over the years has helped me map out pleasure principles for you to apply and make changes in your life now!

Hundreds of lives changed. Why not you?

Meet Mario "Body Awakener"

Mario's path has brought him to treat more than 3000 patients around the globe.Having experienced a complete LIFE, BODY AND SEXUAL ENERGY transformation; thanks to that he created THE AWAKENING MOVEMENT for all the WOMEN & MEN to: raise consciousness, transform sexual energy to serve higher purpose, heal ourselves and our relationships with others, and take the respect and honor a Woman desires to reach places we have never been.

 "I have done many healing and therapy before but was never able to reach to the bottom of the fear and sadness like I did with Mario. I feel my soul is back in my body and the pain is healing and I feel I can accept and forgive myself. The awakening of that Divine energy made me feel life running in me. So, I am very grateful to you for being true, honoring and lovingly holding the space for me to experience that." ~ Yulia

Meet DJ Swahé

Joshua Param Sevak (DJ Swahé) began teaching yoga in Byron Bay, Australia and has been circling the globe for the last 14 years as a Kirtan Artist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, DJ & Cacao Ceremonialist.   He is the Creator of the Golden Temple - Atitlan, an off-grid Permaculture & Yoga Farm where he resides when not touring.

"The musical tastes that move my body run toward the sensual and the primal. And your playlist... you spoke to my soul! Your sounds sang to my mind, body and spirit. I not only wanted to move, I NEEDED to move. I could not and would not stop. I felt the breath of life in your intention when you spin. I felt held and supported in the music. I felt safe. I opened and blossomed on the dance floor. I didn't care if anyone was watching. I didn't care what it looked like. For the first time in my life. Fully and freely."

Joshua's intention for his Musical & Kundalini Yoga Offerings is to lead people into full alignment with Spirit - and embody a Way of living upon our Earth in the most beneficial & harmonious way possible.

Important teacher-student | student-student relationships

It is very important in this intimate work that we all uphold very clear boundaries. All students are not to approach or be approached by any of the teachers for any form of sexual engagement. Paid private sessions with teachers also have clear boundaries that should not be crossed by either person. Students must express clear boundaries while in class and out of class interactions with other students. Create a safe place with us. Be in integrity. 
  • Everyday we offer movement/meditations in the morning and breakfast
  • Each morning we go deep into a particular subject and each afternoon we do practicum of what was learned. 
  • 3.5hr sessions twice a day (9am - 12:30pm / 3pm - 6:30pm)
  • Lunch and Dinner/nights are free time to enjoy the amazing foods and activities available in this magical area. 
Classes include: 

  1. Anatomy
  2. Working with meridian lines and marma points 
  3. Finding tension and releasing it for better circulation of energy/pleasure 
  4. Platonic/theraputic genital touch methods
  5. Breast health, enhancement and orgasm
  6. Mapping the bodies erogenous zones
  7. Elements of touch for wild and mystical experiences
  8. Rituals for conscious connecting
  9. Mastering arousal and emotional release
  10. Daily Yoga, Dance and/or body movement practices


Tell me about the Location

Hosted at the Gaia Dance Temple - a brand new Riverside retreat in Tzununá, Lago Atitlán.  With an on-site Farm-to-Table Cafe, and the largest conscious dancefloor in Central America, Gaia is a beautiful bio-constructed Temple of Embodiment.

How do I register?

You need to meet certain prerequisites to participate in this retreat.  We have a Sex/Love Coach level 1 training which strengthens the nervous systems and gives you skills to build Emotional Intelligence and Mental Clarity. To do this kind of work, we need to be sure you have the primary skills first. Click the link below for registration info and get started now. 

Do I need a partner for the massage?

Although it is not required, we highly recommend that you find a friend or come with a lover that you feel comfortable doing these practices with. This is very intimate work. If you do not have someone and would like assistance being matched up we can help you with this. 

What are the cost and how do I prepare?

This two week retreat is at the low price of $1600 per person. $3000 for two. Once you complete the registration form, we will send you everything you need to know to prepare oneself. Bonus! Once you sign up and pay for this retreat, we will give you full access to the online Orgasmic Touch Course. This will help you really prepare for what is in store for the retreat (although the retreat is much more in depth). 

Take This Leap of Faith!

 This is a safe and nurturing environment to awaken every cell of your body. Leave feeling very confident and clear as a channel for creating Sexual Empowerment and Healing  as a bodyworker. 
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