Orgasmic Heart Meditation (Full Body Energy Orgasm Master Class) by Deva Presence

Orgasmic Heart Meditation (Full Body Energy Orgasm Master Class)

About the Master Class

Did you know you can move your sexual energy upwards into the heart and circulate it through your whole being? Have you ever felt an "orgasm" emanating from your heart space? Would you like to be able to produce this feeling and share it with others close to you?

 It takes a willingness to be soft, humble and open to let yourself be touched so deeply by life and our life force energy. Deva Presence has created a simple yet profound practice for moving orgasmic energy into and through the heart space. Vibrating the pleasure cells of the heart, this energy can be transmitted to you and others. 

This is a non-explicit energetic form of meditation done with clothes on and needs NO form of erotic touch from others. We begin by activating the energy body with very special practices that invigorate the cells and open you to feeling deeply into the potential pleasure the body holds. 
Deva will then bring in breathing exercises, body wisdom practices and loving heart connection to transition you into a full mind-body-energetic process to produce the experience of "Heart Orgasm" in Anahata Chakra.

A Real DEMO Right Here

If you're not ready to talk about sex then don't worry, having a Heart Orgasm does not involve sex.  Before we even get into what the Orgasmic Heart Meditation series is about, allow me to illuminate why this conversation is so important right now. The reality is that our view of sÄ™xuality is largely shaped by Hollywood, pornography and peer pressure. The understanding of what sex is about is shaped at a very young age, and it takes years if not a lifetime to re-condition what it means, especially when it comes to the idea of orgasm, one of the human bodies' most astounding abilities. 

What You Will Get:

This series has eight episodes ranging from 10-30 minutes each:
  • Episode 1 - Hands + Heart Connection
  • Episode 2  - Awaken The Energy Body
  • Episode 3 - Building Orgasmic Energy
  • Episode 4  - Cultivating Pleasure
  • Episode 5 - Oscilation Meditation
  • Episode 6 - Heart Glow
  • Episode 7 - Orgasmic Breath
  • Episode 8 - Orgasmic Heart Meditation

What's included?

Video Icon 9 videos


Intro to Orgasmic Heart Meditation
2 mins
Heart Intelligence
13 mins
Awakening the Energy Body
10 mins
Building Orgasmic Energy
15 mins
Cultivating Pleasure
12 mins
Oscillation Meditation
7 mins
The Heart Glow
13 mins
Orgasmic Breath
10 mins
Integrated Heart Orgasm
26 mins


Is this series for men and women?

Yes! This course is designed for men and women of all experience levels. 

Is this series about sex?

No, this course is about energy and connection, as well as the physical aspects of sexual energy. It is a non explicit course and can be done with clothes on (or off). It is a full complete practice that will help enhance your every day experience. 

How fast will I see results?

You should feel results after each episode you do. We invite you to take 5-10 minutes to integrate after you practice, and come back to each episode at any time. 

Can I do this series even with a busy lifestyle?

Yes! Each episode is only 10-30 minutes and can be done anytime, anywhere. 

Will I have access to the series indefinitely?

Yes! This Master Class is yours forever once you purchase it. 

How can I purchase this Master Class?

We process all major credit cards and paypal through a safe, encrypted website. 

Hard to believe this is real?

Until now, most of us are used to the idea of having an 0rgasm in our sex center / genital area. A massive amount of energy goes into the perceived goal of achieving a sexual orgasm (dating, self-improvement, everything really). Another truth you may be aware of is that your human Heart has intelligence, and is capable of helping you achieve heightened states of joy, bliss, and pleasure. It is with this understanding that we invite you to experience the Orgasmic Heart Meditation, Presented by Deva Deva is a tantric sciences expert and "multi-orgasmic lover" who traveled the world 10 years on a journey to heal himself. His mission is now for you to "awaken your body's own healing abilities". Watch the trailer here to see if this series is for you.