Limitless Lover by Deva Presence

Limitless Lover

Male Bodies: Orgasm and the release of fluids are not the same thing. We can feel intense pleasure without ejaculation and prolong the lovemaking.
Female Bodies:
Unlimited Pleasure, multiple ways in every occasion with your lover. Let us show you how with the Guidebook and Email Course. 
This is it! All you need to know to miraculously enhance your sex life.
In this free guidebook and e-course you will transform the way you make love for good!

Did you come to this site because:

  • Lack of Desire
  • Challenge getting aroused
  • Lack of lubrication 
  • Problems achieving orgasms
  • Not satisfied sexually
  • Having pain during intercourse

If so, this content will have tremendous benefit

Have you ever experienced: 
  • Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation
  • Trouble having being multi or full body-orgasmic 
  • Performance anxiety or some shame about sex
  • Or are you just curious about great lovemaking?

Then, you’ve got to read this book and start your email course now!

My Story

I was far from being a limitless lover! I thought I would be limited forever with a strong response of premature ejaculation in every sexual encounter. It compounded my performance anxiety making me afraid to engage thinking I would make a fool of myself. 

I spent the next ten years trying everything I could find from retreats, workshops, online courses and private sessions all over the world! Nothing worked! I had to figure it all out by myself. 

Years past diving deep into searching for what exactly can make a dramatic shift in developing passionate long lasting lovemaking. I remember thinking, "If I can figure this out, my life will be free! I will finally conquer this crutch and create a beautiful relationship! I will be the happiest man alive, confident in the bedroom!

A Huge Breakthrough when I discovered all the keys to limitless love making! The Keys are Communication, Calibration and Collaboration. For a few years now, I have applied these keys and have experienced hours of rich and outrageous sex!

I then shared this with hundreds of students across continents proving it works! This changed my confidence and outlook on life for good! I just had to share this with the world! Because there are so many who can benefit from this information. 

You will learn how to turn any person into a more fulfilling lover (without them even learning anything)! You will learn how to liberate your sexual power and potentially open the doors to being a multi-orgasmic lover!

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I confess! BEFORE Deva's eBook, I did not think I was ready for this, as I am enjoying single life--yet WOW! Read a few pages and tell me I am wrong! HE CAN WRITE and it helped me feel better, more comfortable, and more complete, as a person to express myself! ...Truth be told, I am only on chapter 5, yet this content must be shared- even if you only read a few chapters it will help your  with yourself and the relationships of the world. This book is for real.
Dr Keith J. Lopez of OGFit

Big Update!

Having so many already diving in, I received many request from people interested in also enhancing feminine energy and sexual pleasure. Creating that burst of ultimate excitation for her/them is certainly a big concern beyond just how long the love making last. If they go on for hours but do not reach the peak, it can still be a frustrating experience. So, I have added for you in this guide how to create THE BIG 'O' for female body enrichment and delight.  Below are some direct excerpts from the email course. 
Unlock your Pleasure Potential

Take note when going into pleasure what your body does. How do you respond when you start to feel these pleasurable sensations?

Do you arch your neck behind you?
Do you lift your lower back or tighten your stomach muscles?
Do you hold your breath and close your eyes tight?

This could be stopping and locking up the ability to go into your peek. Try to bring awareness to what your body is doing. Is it allowing the arousal to build, or is it causing tension and inability to climax? If it’s the later, relax those parts of your body and use sound and movement to get your energy moving.

The clitoral body attaches into the inner thighs and responds wonderfully to the movements of the legs. Do you have good vaginal strength? Can you squeeze your vagina powerfully? Can you push out the G-spot and inner walls powerfully?  I recommend Kegel exercises to help you move the vagina to unlock even more pleasure. And yes moving and squeezing the legs can unlock undiscovered sensations. A Yoni Egg can also be of great benefit to learning how to strengthen the muscles and build sensitivity in your vagina.

Worship the “Wand of Light”
The word Lingam in Sanskrit, which represents the male principle, means pillar of light. If he feels you absolutely love his body and heart, but especially his penis, he will most definitely last longer and be more connected to you. He knows you accept him and so unconsciously he will accept “being with you longer”. Meaning, being inside of you for longer periods of time. It’s now safe for him to be connected and vulnerable with you.

Loving his lingam regardless of what it does is an important quality for him to feel inside of his heart. He needs clear verbal cues. Let him feel that you are completely in the depths of your desire while also in control of your magnetic pull. He wants to feel that he can relax while you are loving your pleasure and ravishing yourself from his energy alone. Get on your knees and place the lingam in your hands and hold it lovingly. Tell him beautiful things about his wand of light. Honor his male principle and he will honor you with long-lasting love.

Take His Focus Away from the Lingam.
Slap him if you have to (with his consent of course)! Get him to look into your eyes. Have him focus on touching your body the way you like it.
I remember my first real tantric experience: I was with a woman who was fully activated by me just simply touching her arms. She was so aroused, she grabbed me and took me to the bedroom. We started kissing and taking our clothes off then went right into lovemaking. Upon entry, I felt this intense desire to ejaculate. I tried to stop it by squeezing my pc muscle, my eyes, tensing up, all the wrong things to do! Finally, she grabbed me hard and yelled: “Look at me!”

I instantly snapped out of it and looked at her. We gazed into each other's eyes for a bit and then she asked if I was ok. I scanned my body and to my surprise, the urgency to ejaculate had totally disappeared! She then asked me if she could gently move and if I was ok with that. Feeling anchored back in my body, I was an assured YES to her request! I was amazed that I felt relaxed and far from my ejaculation while her ecstasy was building.

She then went into a full climax while I was inside of her. I was shocked that I could be so fully present with her during her exquisite, deep release.

Learn to cultivate your sexual energy without draining the energy of your partner. With a few simple tips such as stroking his third eye, singing to him, dancing, making the sound “ha” with each movement, laughing and just creating a generally playful environment, you can transform your intensity into a delicious ritual of pure pleasurable intent.

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