Orgasmic Touch Course

Make Love & Deep Intimacy through Orgasmic Touch.

How to do erotic massage or tantra massage? We go beyond the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) teaching good  Sex Education.  We will show you how to be a great lover. Less porn more real connections. Healthy relationship advice too. 

Yoni Massage Testimonial 💦
3 mins
Lingam Massage ~ Voices of the Transformed 👐
3 mins
Let's get it on!
4 mins
Orgasms Start with a YES!
6 mins
The Language of Seduction
11 mins
Orgasms at a Glance
2 mins
A Ritual of Touch
The Art of Touch
14 mins
What are the different forms of touch?
The Erogenous Zones
8 mins
Get Wild Ritual
A word from Tantra Teacher Sabine Sonnenschein
4 mins
Orgasmic Touch
Preparing for a good time!
49 KB
The importance of Good Lubrication
Mastering Arousal
30 mins
Breast & Body Orgasms
26 mins
Sex Center Ritual
Sex Center Orgasms
18 mins
Full Blossoming & Integration
33 mins
Full Orgasmic Touch
(1h 37m 51s)
In the After Glow (guide)
1.25 MB
Bonus "Breast Love" Course!
Breast Love Preview
1 min
Breast Massage Testimonial
3 mins
3 Tips for Natural Breast Health ~ Prevent Cancer Using Breast Massage, Lymphatic Drainage + Detox
6 mins
Breast Health Course: Massage + Lymphatic drainage
12 mins
3 Tips for Breast Enhancement
6 mins
Breast Health Course: Breast Enhancement
10 mins
Routine for Breast Enhancement
3 tips for creating Breast Orgasms
5 mins
Breast Orgasm Demo
10 mins
Raw Bonus ~ Channeling
4 mins
Oscillation Meditation
7 mins
Limitless Orgasmic Pleasure
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Limitless Lover GuideBook
6.52 MB
Free from Love Bonds
Awaken you Desires
Play and Explore for more
Unlock your Potential
Become a Master
The Divine Nectar
The Art of Giving Space
A Delightful Outcome
Element of Surprise and Intensity
Stay with What Feels Good
Peaceful Pleasure