The Vulnerable Lover


Staying power! This is something we all can cherish. In relationships, in the bedroom, in sports or other activities, in meditation, in the heart. It takes a lot of courage to stay. And it also takes an important underlying quality that too few of us reach for. Would you reach for actions that look like conscious contemplation and a carefree attitude, simply because you don’t want to be seen as a coward or with weakness? Or would you reach into your heart and find the courage to reveal its most vulnerable parts?

 A Vulnerable Lover will tell someone what they are hiding. Fear of loss, hurt or anxiety no longer becomes the obstacle. They will ask for consent first and not project or force what they want to share with another. Meaning, we don't just say whatever we want. We must first see if they even have ears to heart us out. A heart that is open to it. A willingness and consent from the other party is necessary. 
The Vulnerable Lover
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