The Willing Lover


The Willing Lover is one who has fully integrated their soft (watery) side and their intense (fiery) side of themselves; loving them both equally.

 In the process of becoming The Willing Lover, we first have to get real about what’s going on inside of us. Once we can identify what is inside, we tap into our will power to reveal it completely. We willingly choose to no longer polarize who we are by accepting completely both our softness and our intensity. Once we have revealed ourselves fully to ourselves (by being totally and completely real, honest, courageous, and vulnerable) we then move into all the feelings that are yet to be unconditionally expressed.

Softness may feel vulnerable at first, however, it is possible to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time. When we allow ourselves unbridled vulnerability, we create powerful resilience to transcend life's challenges. Being vulnerable is a practice that creates resilience. Like any practice, it takes time, patience and self-love to cultivate. Just like polar ice-men who swim in freezing cold water or firewalkers who traipse over hot coals. They didn’t just dive into the frigid water or dance in the fire from one moment to the next. They polished these skills over time.

Vulnerability is a fearless and courageous act, but you can do this. It will change your life... it is time to tap into your Will Power! 
The Willing Lover
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