Let me be upfront and honest with you here...

Most of the writings in this course are Untrue Opinions. 

There are also some True Subjective and True Objective reflections as well. As well as some stories pointing to Untrue Choices of mine. More about true and untrue reflections in the “Authentic Vulnerable Communication” section.  It’s important to be transparent here as this writing is not for everyone. You may find some of it directly provoking your belief systems. It may feel radical for you and therefore unable to genuinely dive into the work suggested here. This is a no-nonsense path that goes straight to the core of what is going on inside. No BS, no hiding, full transformation. So to put it lightly, if you are not ready, then try some alternatives before going through this approach.
If you are ready for a powerful shift in your life, then I welcome you to awakening that new lover in you! I am truly grateful and honored to have you embark on this journey along with me. 

Heart Warrior Training

Become an exceptional lover and guide others to do the same. Wanna be a Love/Sex Coach? This is a HUGE upgrade to mental and emotional intelligence! Blast open your heart and those you connect with! Watch the video below for more...

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