Heart Warrior Training

Become an exceptional lover and guide others to do the same. Wanna be a Love/Sex Coach? This is a HUGE upgrade to mental and emotional intelligence! Blast open your heart and those you connect with! Watch the video below for more...
Getting Started
Let me be upfront and honest...

Most of the writings in this Course are Untrue Opinions.

There are also some True Subjective and True Objective reflections as well. As well as some stories pointing to Untrue Choices of mine. More about true and untrue reflections in the “Authentic Vulnerable Communication” section.  It’s important to be transparent here as this course is not for everyone. You may find some of it directly provoking your belief systems. It may feel radical for you and therefore unable to genuinely dive into the work suggested here. This is a no-nonsense path that goes straight to the core of what is going on inside. No BS, no hiding, full transformation. So to put it lightly, if you are not ready, take care of yourself until your ready.
If you are ready for a powerful shift in your life, then I welcome you to awakening that new lover in you! I am truly grateful and honored to have you embark on this journey along with me. 

Getting Started
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My Personal Story on why I do this work...
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The Willing Lover


The Willing Lover is one who has fully integrated their soft (watery) side and their intense (fiery) side of themselves; loving them both equally.

 In the process of becoming The Willing Lover, we first have to get real about what’s going on inside of us. Once we can identify what is inside, we tap into our will power to reveal it completely. We willingly choose to no longer polarize who we are by accepting completely both our softness and our intensity. Once we have revealed ourselves fully to ourselves (by being totally and completely real, honest, courageous, and vulnerable) we then move into all the feelings that are yet to be unconditionally expressed.

Softness may feel vulnerable at first, however, it is possible to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time. When we allow ourselves unbridled vulnerability, we create powerful resilience to transcend life's challenges. Being vulnerable is a practice that creates resilience. Like any practice, it takes time, patience and self-love to cultivate. Just like polar ice-men who swim in freezing cold water or firewalkers who traipse over hot coals. They didn’t just dive into the frigid water or dance in the fire from one moment to the next. They polished these skills over time.

Vulnerability is a fearless and courageous act, but you can do this. It will change your life... it is time to tap into your Will Power! 
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Willing Lover Section 2: Pain or Pleasure?
Pain is a powerful motivator. When embraced as another form of information, pain can inspire us to do incredible things. Mothers can lift two-ton cars off their babies by harnessing the incredible power in the gift of pain. 

As Willing Lovers, we must look at the times in our lives where emotional and physical pain gave us the power to make drastic changes. 
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Willing Lover Section 3: Relationships- A Rite of Passage
 A Rite of Passage is a ceremony that marks the transition from one phase of life to another. Although it is often used to describe the tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood, it also refers to any of life's transitions (Births and Beginnings, Initiations, Partnerings, and Endings or Death). 

There are many passages in our lives if we choose to mark and celebrate them. Having a journey of hardships in relationships are most focused on initiatory rites of passage. I consider my journey as such for I openly received all the initiations being given to me. And there were so many in and around this relationship.

 I invite you not to fear. To find it in you to pass through knowing that all is happening not to you but for you. For you to become that wise sage, that Lover, that great heart that you are. And your significant other can be that portal in which you create this Rite of Passage. 
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The Vulnerable Lover

Staying power! This is something we all can cherish. In relationships, in the bedroom, in sports or other activities, in meditation, in the heart. It takes a lot of courage to stay. And it also takes an important underlying quality that too few of us reach for. Would you reach for actions that look like conscious contemplation and a carefree attitude, simply because you don’t want to be seen as a coward or with weakness? Or would you reach into your heart and find the courage to reveal its most vulnerable parts?

 A Vulnerable Lover will tell someone what they are hiding. Fear of loss, hurt or anxiety no longer becomes the obstacle. They will ask for consent first and not project or force what they want to share with another. Meaning, we don't just say whatever we want. We must first see if they even have ears to heart us out. A heart that is open to it. A willingness and consent from the other party is necessary. 
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Vulnerable Lover Section 2: How to love and liberate emotions
We abandon ourselves each time we do not allow ourselves to feel emotions. We abandon ourselves each time we project and blame others for us having the emotions. And we abandon ourselves each time we try to bypass them with spiritual dogmas or avoidances. It’s time to stop abandoning ourselves and start loving ourselves. And we can do this by loving our human nature that includes all our feelings. 
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Vulnerable Lover Section 3: Letting go of Unnatural Emotions
Keeping the light-hearted carefree playful little child in your life while addressing the unnatural emotions.  Jealousy - you see someone has an attribute or possessions you don’t. This brings a desire to strip this away from them. This is jealousy. Basically, you feel that you are without and want what others have. The haves and the have-nots. Let’s get clear. We envy each other. We fear each other. This is our nature, this is our growth pattern. This is OK. But we don’t need to be jealous of each other by way of anger or projection. We are all connected. There is more than enough love to go around. More than enough vision to see things differently. More than enough space to cultivate and create your dreamscape into reality.
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The Magnetic Lover
The Magnetic Lover is one who feels the sexual energy and can channel it into creativity and connection, not manipulation. The Magnetic Lover maintains and strengthens the magnetism accepting his or her sexual nature, unashamed and alive in this energy. A Magnetic Lover can be with that sexual power, feel it glowing inside and enjoy the ride without acting upon it. Most importantly, they allow for that glow to be seen and holds harmless this desire that is inside.  
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Magnetic Lover Section 2: The Ease of Love Making
The main focus of the Magnetic Lover is to magnetize what you are feeling. To allow yourself to feel as deeply and as richly as you can. I invite you to magnetize your feelings in lovemaking, in anger, in fear, in hurt, without feeding into any story. Just allow yourself to feel. Specifically, do it in groups, offering release work of some kind. Do it in dance, in nature, with the consent of a partner. Make it a ritual of some form and challenge yourself to build your resilience in feeling all forms of emotions. Find a way to make it happen. 

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Magnetic Lover Section 3: Loving is not Compromising
If they want more, love their desire for more. No need to interpret them or try to satisfy them. Satisfaction is a personal responsibility, not yours. Have loving compassion for the desires they have yet to master. Both of you are on the same journey: to learn how to enjoy all levels of arousal and bring yourself through them however long you wish. It is not dependent or reliant on the other person. You own your pleasure. They can own their pleasure too and bring orgasmic excitement to the experience whenever they want. It is in your Magnetic Power to do so. That power met with compassion and not compromise, brings the love in. You can bring this aspect to all parts of your life. Let love in and begin this journey of deeply loving, long-lasting connection.

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The Wisdom Lover

Wisdom in this context is not about what you know. Knowledge and wisdom have a great distinction here. Wisdom is much broader than brain-based intellect. Wisdom is within the application. How you apply yourself is where the wisdom lies regardless of your depth of knowledge. Wisdom can come as well from the body, intuition, and experience. The Wisdom Lover is someone who ​brings safety, non-projection, conscious communication and discernment over one’s actions.
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Wisdom Lover Section 2: Honoring Another
When we cultivate a relationship, bonds naturally occur. And guess what? That is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with this. We can, of course, learn to soften our attachment to particular outcomes in our connections. However, the attachment we feel being connected to another is totally okay. We can learn to love and honor this natural process.  ​​​​​​​Your love will naturally grow when you find the willingness of a Lover to show up authentically in your bonding connections. And we can invoke the Wisdom Lover to practice discernment in how we choose to connect by honoring the person and the process. 
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Wisdom Lover Section 3: Love the Mind. Listen to your Body
The mind is lovingly and diligently bringing everything to your attention. And it only shows you the things it knows you can heal from at this time. It is up to you to find the courage to focus on loving you and drop the story. Drop the story, live fully in Glory. 

 If the thought patterns are triggering, contracting, bringing up emotions, see this as the mind loving you. Lovingly giving you the opportunity to express these emotions.

 Methods for releasing the story and dissolving the need for the minds rampant sweeping through triggering thoughts are found in nature.
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Wisdom Lover Check in.m4a
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Completing Your Passage 

Congratulations! You have completed the “Lover's Rite of Passage”!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ 

Although you may feel you have a long way to go in your journey with the Lovers, I invite you to create some form of ceremony marking the completion of this training that has brought you to embark on this passage. 

This completion is the program and all the tasks you have done. This completion is an affirmation that you can anchor in this Lover of Life, Intimacy and You into your experience. This completion marks a new beginning for you. 
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Authentic Vulnerable Communication Training
Now that you have completed and embodied the Lover, it is time to enhance your communication skills to engage with the world as the lover. Study the Subsequent sections with an open mind and diligent will for change. Our patterns and conditions are still inside of us. These are the tools to change them. 
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Intro to Authentic Vulnerable Communication (AVC)
11 mins
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Powerless Communication
Let me share with you about AVC
13 mins
Reveal, Feel, Heal, Process and Posters
Our first step to an extraordinary level of freedom and love for ourselves and others. We must first figure out what exactly is hiding. Use this as a guide to figure out what is going one. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just because you drink a cup of coffee in the morning or have a drink on the weekend does not mean you are suppressing emotions or things that need to be addressed. 

Just read each thing on the poster and really feel if anything inside comes up and take note of it.  Then come back to it later, breathe into your body and see if there are any stories around this and write it down. This is how all the juiciness begins.

Keep in mind this is positive phycological reinforcement practices we wish to adhere to. So consider discovering something about your self and exciting opportunity to shift it. And welcome the feelings that arise because of it. 

with love, 

Deva Presence
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Reveal Yourself Explained
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Natural Healing
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Natural Healing, Health, and Vitality
8 mins
Compassionate Communication
going into this quadrant in AVC I want you to know that this is NOT the ideal form of communication. All forms are valid and important. I found way too many people using this as an unconscious form of manipulation to get one's way, or to simply calm things down so they can 'get beyond the problem'. 

It's for our choice of love and expanding love primarily. Then we can move back into other forms of communication. 
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Compassionate Communication
11 mins
Have Faith in Fear
Fear is by far the toughest emotion, I have yet to embrace. As I am writing this, I had the most intense year of my life dealing with fear from PTSD. This philosophy has greatly improved my will and ability to deal with debilitating fears, although this took a long time. Having gone throught this myself,  I am committed to helping people get beyond their fears. 
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Our Greatest Fear, Our Greatest Peace
Finishing AVC
I love learning through lifes poetic touches. I hope this touches you as you finish this section. 
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