Heart Warrior Training

Become an exceptional lover and guide others to do the same. Wanna be a Love/Sex Coach? This is a HUGE upgrade to mental and emotional intelligence! Blast open your heart and those you connect with! Watch the video below for more...
Getting Started
Getting Started
Intro Lover.pdf
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Navigate Lover.pdf
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Great Lover.mp4
6 mins
My Personal Story on why I do this work...
13 mins
The Willing Lover
Will Power.pdf
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Willing Lover Section 2: Pain or Pleasure?
pleasure pain.pdf
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Willing Lover Section 3: Relationships- A Rite of Passage
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willing lover check in.m4a
5 mins
The Vulnerable Lover
Vulnerable Love.pdf
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Vulnerable Lover Section 2: How to love and liberate emotions
love emotions.pdf
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Vulnerable Lover Section 3: Letting go of Unnatural Emotions
letting Go.pdf
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Vulnerable lover check in.m4a
5 mins
The Magnetic Lover
Magnetic Lover.pdf
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Magnetic Lover Section 2: The Ease of Love Making
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Magnetic Lover Section 3: Loving is not Compromising
Loving Compassion.pdf
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Magnetic Lover Check in.m4a
5 mins
The Wisdom Lover
Wisdom Lover.pdf
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Wisdom Lover Section 2: Honoring Another
Practicing Discernment.pdf
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Wisdom Lover Section 3: Love the Mind. Listen to your Body
Love Mind Body.pdf
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Wisdom Lover Check in.m4a
6 mins
Completing Your Passage 

rite of passage.pdf
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Authentic Vulnerable Communication Training
AVC Introductions.pdf
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Intro to Authentic Vulnerable Communication (AVC)
11 mins
New AVC Poster.png
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Powerless Communication
Let me share with you about AVC
13 mins
Reveal, Feel, Heal, Process and Posters
Reveal Yourself.png
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Reveal Yourself Explained
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Rainbow of feelings explained.pdf
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Natural Healing
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Natural Healing, Health, and Vitality
8 mins
Compassionate Communication
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Decoding Compassion explained.pdf
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Compassionate Communication
11 mins
Have Faith in Fear
Have Faith in Fear.png
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Faith in Fear explained.pdf
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Our Greatest Fear, Our Greatest Peace
Finishing AVC
Finishing AVC.pdf
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2 mins