Make Love & Deep Intimacy through Orgasmic Touch.

How to do erotic massage or tantra massage? We go beyond the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) teaching good  Sex Education.  We will show you how to be a great lover. Less porn more real connections. Healthy relationship advice too. 
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Why are you here?

My guess is you want to open and receive as much as you give but lack the trust to fully surrender due to fears of past experiences like rejection, poor performance or feeling undeserving. 

  • Do you feel you hold back and hide your authentic desires?
  • Are you afraid of being “too much”, “too naughty" or "too needy"? 
  • Are you longing for that deeper connection?
  • Or maybe you're a Sexual Jedi destined to know every aspect of being a master lover!

Creating sacred union (that never fades) fosters connection beyond your wildest dreams.
We at Orgasmic Heart share a safe way to confidently open to long lasting intimacy, great sex and courageous connection. 

Come Alive, feeling accepted in your desires while learning erotic massage online from a place of rich self love and a harmonious attitude of gratitude. 

Orgasmic Touch Course

Watch Free Now conscious sensuality from a Master Lover.  New seductive videos every month. Pleasure, love, and passionate touch awaits you.

Limitless Lover

Transform your love life tonight with the guidebook explaining details on how to create long lasting sex and delicious heartfelt connection.

Lover (Authentic Vulnerable Communication) Certificate Course

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What's stoping you from moving beyond an unfulfilled sex life?

Is it money?
We are all about helping others become orgasmically alive!
You will get all your money back if you like the course or not!

If this course does not impact your life within 45 days, we will happily return your money no questions asked.

If you complete the course within 45 days, invite people to join you and share with us a video testimonial we will give you 100% of your money back Guaranteed!

We did not develop this simply for financial gain. It’s about changing lives for the better. And if we are not doing that, you can keep your money and we wish you all the best!

Is it about having the right partner?
Your happiness and sexual energy is not reliant on someone else. It’s all in YOU to attract the perfect person to GIFT your liberated sensuality to. You do not need to have someone in order to feel orgasmic. All of this can be done on your own and with friends you feel safe to share with. Nothing is stopping you other than your own self limiting beliefs. And thankfully you can change them. 

Is it about timing and having good conditions /locations /circumstances?  

It’s about prioritizing!
If you feel that being stuck in mediocre love making for the rest of your life is not important, then maybe this is not worth your investment. I am ready to help those willing to explore the massive benefit of living an exceptionally orgasmic and liberated life! If that is you, then I would love to accelerate your growth to the greater / more fulfilled YOU!

Meet Deva

After nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a multi-orgasmic lover. The solutions are wild and unknown to most, yet tangible and effective.

Defeating anxiety in sex finally began the more I accepted my nature and listened to the wisdom of my body. I'm here to help you awaken to your own body's Sexual Healing abilities.

Learning from Grand Master Mantak Chia, becoming the principle in the Master Lover Online training by Master Tantra teacher Ma Ananda Sarita and diving deep into Tao and many other conscious sexuality trainings over the years has helped me map out pleasure principles for you to apply and make changes in your life now!

Hundreds of lives changed. Why not you?

It's all about Synergy!

In order to fulfill this dream of feeling alive in a healthy sexual connection one must have excellent communication skills. These are the skills you will master with my online program. 
Communicating through Touch
Touch is by far one of the most important languages we possess. Literally without touch we would not survive as a human species. By mastering touch we master a paramount level of communing with our beloved. A touch that can take them to the divine and anchor them into a deep sense of feeling loved. Your sense of love is greatly enhanced when giving and receiving this form of touch. 

Communicating through the Heart
When we learn to speak skillfully from the heart, we gain a genuine connection without having to “win them over”. No pick up artist manipulation needed here. To create long lasting deep intimacy one must learn the language of the heart. I have dedicated two decades to the love language in relationships and found that Vulnerable Truth embedded in confidence and compassion are the ultimate keys to open hearted relating. 

In this easy to follow online school, you will gain and up level your skills to creating outrageous sex and deepening intimacy. 
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Are you Single?

All that is taught in this course can be applied to a self pleasuring practice. When you can give to yourself, you know it well and can offer much more when that special someone shows up!

Couples of all Genders

Couples who are new, old, same sex, poly or pan-sexual can all benefit deeply from the contents in this course. No matter your preference or relational status this universally applies to all who are learning how to harness the orgasmic life force in the body.

Creating Community

Although this online school is secure and private viewing, there are a wealth of inspired people learning alongside you. We can grow together in this journey of learning how to love. Join the conversation in our live video demos.​
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